claircon - for a cleaner air conditioning

You want to make a cleanroom and need the best solution, or you have problems with your current system?

claircon offers reliable and innovative infrared ceiling heating systems which can introduce the required heat output to a cleanroom (ensuring the required temperature difference needed for proper airflow ratios + balancing of the transmission heat loss of the room).

The infrared room-heating system patented exclusively by claircon for the areas of application listed below offers the highest quality and supply security, which are necessary particularly in highly sensitive areas such as in operating theatres.

Areas of application:

  • Operating theatres
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedicine
  • Food technology
  • Semiconductor manufacture
  • Microelectronics
  • Optics
  • Nanotechnology, etc.



Heating of the room area and guaranteed required temperature difference needed for proper airflow ratios and balancing of the transmission heat losses of the room)

  • fast reaction to fluctuations in temperature (e.g. via inner loads)
  • minimal oscillating of the temperature curve, stepless and adjusted to slide
  • prevention of swirling and turbulence by virtually finish-free heating
    (Due to the IR heating system swirling and mixing of contaminated quantities of air with cleansed quantities of air compared to conventional heating systems are minimised.)
  • needs no additional space requirement in the room
  • no wall heating is needed to heat the cleanroom (considerably less coordination input in the event of fewer and fewer free wall areas distributed uniformly in the room)
  • clear interfaces
  • easy control and generating of messages via measuring and control technology
  • heat is introduced evenly with corresponding placing of heating elements on the TAV ceiling panel edge. With uniform and synchronised arrangement of heating sources the temperature difference between flow field and room is maintained uniformly and there are only minimal or no influences with the acceptance procedure as per DIN 1948 part 4 (2008), for example: degree of turbulence and testing for level of protection.
  • IR heating as room-heating system can be used for varying cleanrooms and clean zones.
  • heating element can also be closed and opened by pressure and be used as flush-mounted inspection flap
  • by placing heating plates under air-cleaning openings, smoke alarms, volume


    More information available at product and download.